Sunday, January 15, 2012

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II E3 Trailer (Blur Studio 2010)

Another Star Wars Cinematic! I had a lot of fun working on this one, specially because is based on the original trilogy universe, Darth Vader, the stormtroopers was awesome!
What I did?: My main task in this one was to create the main environment, the Hangar, I did modeling, texturing, shading, and some early lighting as well, I also had the chance to do some lighting and compositing, just for two shots.
Plus, I offered to Blur a model of a stormtrooper I had almost finish at home, they did some modifications and changes for the final cinematic, but we could say the trooper is 75% mine, 80% maybe? :), I don't know, but it was great to see it finished in a piece like this one, specially when I'm not even a character modeler.

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